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HANNAH MARTIN, Creative Director @hannah_____martin

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The British jewellery designer, beloved for the edgy, hard aesthetic is an alum of Central St Martins. She lives in London’s Brutalist masterpiece The Barbican and runs with an arty crowd who vibe with her designs, which are characterised by fluid, gender nonspecific sculptural forms of emotion, bathed in an unapologetic undertone. She recently designed the 2022 Brit award.

Instagram: @hannah_____martin

1. I wish I’d known before... Whatever the thing is you are beating yourself up for will not matter when you look back on it. 

2. My happy place is... My grown up answer to this is ‘my design studio’. I’m not sharing the other one.

3. My motto is... Feel fucking everything.

4. I’d describe my style as... Punk-goth-lux... is that a thing?

5. A life goal of mine is... To become best mates with Patti Smith.