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Product Care

At FINNEY we only use the finest natural fibres. We do not like mad made fibres because they are made from plastic which is made form oil and in this day and age plastic and non-renewables is a scourge on the planet we all must do our bit to end. We don’t use plastic packaging, we run the company on renewables and work with partners who do their very best to run on renewables also.

Whilst being the right thing to do it also means you get a superior product, hand feel, and comfort that you just can’t get from synthetic, man-made things and fibres (that will never rot away naturally and go to landfill for eternity) We believe what comes from the earth can return to the earth, so we’ll only ever work in silks, cashmeres and wools, organic cottons and Belgian linens, suedes, shearlings and leathers.

Natural fibres are not as hardy as fibres made in a machine from something that will never naturally degrade so to keep your item in top condition please see our guide:


Dry cleaning is an option but it’s putting very harsh chemicals next to your skin. Its not very eco friendly but if you must do it, please choose an eco-dry cleaner who use less chemicals.

Unless the garment has staining then often a good airing can work (with any natural fibre, air flows well through it, so hanging outside on a dry day can be all it needs).


  • 1. Fill a bucket or sink with cold water under 30 degrees.
  • 2. Add a decent amount of specialist silk detergent in cool water.
  • 3. Soak your silk product to bathe for 5-10 minutes (no longer than 30 minutes).
  • 4. Rinse through cold water until detergent completely disappears.
  • 5. Press between a clean towel or your hands directly to remove excess water. Make sure to never twist the silk fabric.
  • 6. Hang dry or lay flat to dry. Please avoid direct sunlight exposure.
  • 7. To bring your silk garment back to sheen and softness, using a steamer is best or an iron using low heat on the delicate setting.


  • 1. Before you toss your silk pieces into the washing machine, sort them with the same colour of silk. We recommend washing one piece at a time.
  • 2. Use a protective mesh bag/laundry bag to avoid silk fibres tearing.
  • 3. Add a decent amount of silk detergent to the machine.
  • 4. Machine wash with cold water under 30 degrees on a delicate cycle.
  • 5. We do not recommend spinning silk fabrics because it can cause wrinkles and tears. However, if you are unable to wait for them to naturally air dry, spin your silk product in less than a minute.
  • 6. Use a clean white cloth or towel to soak up the excess water and moisture.
  • 8. Hang dry or lay flat to dry. Please avoid direct sunlight exposure.
  • 9. To bring your silk garment back to sheen and softness, iron using low heat or steamed to keep your pieces wrinkle-free.
  • 10. When it comes time to wear, ironing isn’t always necessary since creases tend to fall when hung. But if you’d like to steaming is the best method in keeping your pieces wrinkle-free.


Our cashmere is produced in Mongolia which is known as the best in the world – it’s so cold there, the goats produce the finest hairs. This is then used in our pieces which are also 100% organic. Our partner uses fully organic farming to improve the quality and optimum wellbeing of the goats.

The most advanced processing, spinning and knitting technologies are combined with ancient traditional and hand finishing skills. This blending of innovative technology and bespoke individual care is what results in our highest quality. Cashmere globally is sold by the ounce and that applies to all brands. We like a luxurious amount (at least 500g per item of pure, organic cashmere). When looking at the prices look at the weight and is it blended with a wool, or merino, to make it cheaper.

We are only producing with 100% cashmere for the most superior feeling when you wear it, softness and warmth. As a natural fabric it needs care, here is how:

Cashmere is one of the world’s softest natural fibres, and in order to maintain your garment’s luxurious quality and appearance, it is important to care for it correctly.


Hand washing is the best option. Wash by hand in cool water with a small amount of high quality, low acidity cashmere or wool detergent. Do not use any bleaching products or harsh detergents as these will remove the natural oil in the cashmere fibres. Do not soak the garment in the water, instead gently and quickly squeeze it in soapy water, then repeatedly rinse the soap away in cool water.

Place the wet garment flat out onto a clean dry towel, then roll it up within the towel. Unroll it, place it flat on another clean and dry towel, adjusting the garment to your desired shape and fit. To ensure that all the ribs and cuffs dry you must tightly pull on the garment to close up the knitted ribs. Turn the garment over to dry on both sides and pick off any yarn balls when the piece is dry. Do not iron the piece as this risks scorching the surface, it is much better to steam it.

Keep the garment away from heat sources such as radiators and intense sunlight.

If over time your garment shrinks a little, after the above process use a wooden or plastic hanger with shoulder moulds (do not use a thin wire or plastic hanger this will destroy the item) and hang the item for 30-45 mins. This will slightly stretch the fibres giving you more room. Then take it off and dry flat as per the above.