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About & Ethos · FINNEY


FINNEY is a modern luxury brand specialising in refined essentials.

Our signature pieces are designed to be cherished and enjoyed all year round whether on your travels or back in the city.

Comfort, movement and ease are key whilst marrying the finest natural fabrics and a sumptuous, luxe hand feel with a cool, modern look.



We do not use plastic as a rule and this includes man made fabrics, which essentially are made from oil. It’s bad for the environment, bad for your skin, and with each wash of man-made fabrics microplastics are getting into the sea and the food chain and we are eating it.


We believe what comes from the earth can go to the earth and so we focus on only the finest natural fibres and materials. Man-made fibres are plastic made from oil. We believe excellent quality natural fibres are ultimately the most sustainable way to dress, and we don’t want plastic on our skin.


We believe in the high cost of low prices and do not believe in disposable, fast fashion. If something is cheap, someone, or the environment, is getting damaged somewhere and we don’t want a part in that. We believe in buying beautiful things that are super well made and will last you, to be enjoyed and worn again and again.


It goes without saying in this day and age we run the company on renewable power suppliers and choose manufactures who do the same.


Our approach to plastic, fossil fuels and commitment to only natural fabrics we believe is the key to true sustainability. We don’t want to greenwash. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, so you can buy less and buy better. We produce in small runs to reduce waste. We believe these things together truly add up to minimising our effect on the planet.