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Pipper Vosper, writer, presenter and brand consultant @pippavosper

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Most noted for her honest series of written features for British Vogue, Pippa is regularly requested as a public speaker on issues ranging from fertility to fashion and her own life experiences. Previously a fashion editor, Pippa styled numerous i-D magazine covers and regularly contributed to American Vogue, L'uomo Vogue, Interview and W magazine. She’s also rather fabulous.

Instagram: @pippavosper

1. I wish I’d known before… That you don’t have to concern yourself with what others think of you. 

2. I’d describe my style as… Classic. My go to look is jeans, a white shirt and loafers.

3. I’m inspired by… Anybody who uses their voice for positive change.

4. My happy place is... An early morning cycle around London alone at the weekend, when there are just a few people awake and the streets are empty.

5. Advice I would give... Always trust your instincts. You'll seldom be wrong if you just trust what your instinct tells you is the right thing to do.